Truth Having A Political Experience


Veritas Coalition is about speaking the TRUTH in all matters.  We are a coalition of individuals whose main purpose is to turn “reality” on its head and challenge the status quo.

Whether we like it or not, we have been subtly and not so subtly manipulated.  We have been influenced by religion, social circles, the media, our political parties, our personal beliefs and more. We are told why to do it, what to do, how to do it, with whom to do it and when.  We live under the illusion we are free but are we? It’s time to hold up the mirror.

Freedom is Free.  We have a obligation and duty to be discerning about our reality.  It is our responsibility.

Our planet and its inhabitants are ascending.  As an individual, you can choose to participate in this process or not.   Veritas Coalition encourages you to and embrace this amazing shift that is currently taking place on our Planet and within our Universe. We strongly believe that our ability to ascend can manifest through love, forgiveness, truth and service to others.

Are you curious?  Are you brave enough to accept RESPONSIBILITY for your part?  Do you want to ASCEND?

We hope you will join us and Join The COALITION today!


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