Happy New Year- Lesson Finally Learned…Don’t hold on to the potential

Welcome to SaynotoBullshit.com and Happy New Year.

I am happy that 2016 is over and at the same time, I am grateful for what it has taught me. While I have a long way to go to a full awakening (if I ever get there at all), I have realized that I have spent the last decade at least, mired in my own bullshit and before that literally asleep. Change is slow but it happens whether we like it or not. It’s been 2016 that has shifted me the most and as usual, it came as the result of great pain. I thank my soon to be ex-husband for this. While I would like to give him all the credit for this pain, if I am honest, which I have pledged to myself to be, I did contribute in my own way for sure. While cheating will be the subject of another blog post I’m sure, I can certainly look to where I was blind and of course I am responsible for my behaviour after I found out!

In any event, the self reflection and exploration I have begun has opened my eyes and I feel like I’ve just started. The past decade was a good warm up but I truly feel like way more will be revealed. More than I could have ever imagined. Through this journey I believe it is also my responsibility to do what I can to share these revelations with you all. You see, I think we are all being fed a bunch of bullshit. Not only that, we accept bullshit and the people who carry this bullshit for way longer than we should (ahem Trump). I fell in love with the potential of the relationship I always wanted which turned out to be bullshit. Reality never reflected the fantasy. Nonetheless, I remained within the delusion for far too long. Maybe it was just the right amount of time and in fact, it probably was, after all, it brought me here today. This is my part and I must take responsibility for this.

My hope is that when I know better, I will do better.

I am a speaker, lawyer and as part of my journey I have come to see how very connected we all are and why a spiritual practice in my life is so essential to my growth…yours too but you may not be ready to hear that. I am the owner of WAM Healing Centre and WAM Family Law. My mission on that platform is to help people reduce conflict by accepting responsibility and forgiveness and as a family law lawyer. A big part of that is learning to embrace and develop a spiritual practice. I’m not talking about ridding yourself of all material possessions and holding yourself up in some secluded Tibetan Monastery. I am talking about developing a mindfulness practice which brings us closer to source, which in turn (with some personal realizations), will help reduce conflict. I think my program is sound and well thought out. I know that it will help because I went through my own program and it has helped me. You should really check it out.

When I’ve discussed my program (the Conscious Conflict Resolution Program) with others, I get a few responses. Almost everyone thinks it is a great idea but then one or two will question the “Woo Woo” aspect, or what I call spiritual exploration element of the program. These people aren’t my ideal client, so they think. In fact, they are exactly my perfect client. I don’t apologize for my approach or experience in that platform but feel like I can say that definitively here. I have all the faith in the world that it will help you and I am not apologizing for it or altering it because it might make some people feel uncomfortable. That’s the point!

So, what’s this all about. This is the next part in my evolution…looking at reality squarely in the face and calling Bullshit when I see it. This site is about finding the truth, which will make you feel uncomfortable. That’s also the point. I will be asking Why? and Why Not? a lot. I want to hear why something is bullshit or why it isn’t. I have a strong need to know the truth. It’s exhausting really. However, this is part of what I am about and I’ve accepted it. Another thing I’ve accepted is that I don’t want to walk this journey alone. I need your help, your perspective, your support, your truth. So, please accept my invitation to help me spread the truth and maybe change the world. Yes, I think Big…no eye rolling.


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